Everything is handcrafted by me, Grace!  I love creating, and I make sure to show that in every detail. 

Paracosm - (n.) a detailed, prolonged imaginary world created by a child that includes human, animal, or alien creations.

Who says we have to grow up? Step into my handcrafted shop where I incorporate, fantasy, mythology, and gothic aesthetics into your home décor. Looking for the perfect gift? Find something extraordinary, and exclusive that your loved one can enjoy for years to come.  
-Please Note-
All resin creations are made with reactive epoxy, meaning they do not contain harmful fillers or diluents that would otherwise be released into the air.  Once, cured the epoxy resin we use no longer emits harmful chemicals, while others can still leach chemicals if submerged in water.  Our company makes a conscious effort to make the world a better place now, and a better place for the future.